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Work Abroad

Looking for an opportunity to work and live abroad? We are seeking qualified teachers to join our campus.  

JLM Campus Project

We are in process of building our permanent home in Penonome, Panama. This will enable us to further outreach to communities in need and have a safe haven for kids, camps and continuing education.  

JLM Christian Academy 

As part of our Foundation, the Academy is the only school in Penonome fully dedicated to an English curriculum led by an American school calendar. 

Education Through House of Hope

JLM Christian Foundation has two homes that provide disadvantaged young women and men a university education in a healthy, safe, home environment. The House of Hope teaches responsibility, self-esteem and compete readiness for employment and self sufficiency upon completion of the program. 

Nutritional/Medical Outreach 

Due to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 shutdown,  the Nutritional Outreach program has been a top priority of ours. JLM delivers basic necessities and food to communities that have been impacted and would otherwise not be able to retrieve these items. We also have several families with special needs that we service.

Donations are tax-deductible and make a real difference in the lives of children and the communities they live in. Your gift can provide multiple opportunities and necessities to people in need, from food, clothing, medical supplies and more. 

We accept clothing, nonperishable food, medical and school supplies in the US & Panama. See Locations

Volunteer for one of our missions for a life-changing experience. An amazing opportunity for our youngest volunteers to adults, not only will you leave a positive imprint on the lives of those in need, but you will gain insight into other languages and cultures throughout the process. 

JLM's mission is to Make a Difference in the lives of children and their communities around the world. We provide programs built upon Biblical principles to families in the poorest communities throughout the world.

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