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Your generous support enables us to continue feeding, housing, and educating children and the communities in which they live. All donations including monetary, food, clothing, household goods. Your generosity allows us to continue the work that is so desperately needed.


There are several ways to provide a monetary donation.​

 ZELLE: Use the app store to download the Zelle app on your phone.  Use "JLM Christian Foundation" to donate money directly.


 100% goes directly to those in need.  How can we do that?  EVERYONE WITH OUR ORGANIZATION IS A VOLUNTEER.  WE DO NOT HAVE ONE PAID STAFF MEMBER.

Remember to contact us for more information about our mission trips, student exchange program, toy and clothing donations.

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We are continually in need of volunteers to bring their talents and compassion to all of our projects including computer skills, social media, fundraising and more. 

Whether you’re joining us on a mission, providing a monetary donation, donating clothes, or spreading the word about what we are doing, whatever you can provide is what keeps this foundation moving forward.

Please contact us directly to find out about our ongoing and upcoming projects and trips.

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