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Active Programs:

Dominican Republic
El Salvador





Washington DC

United States - Training Centers (Miami, Philadelphia


Since we first began our work in 2009, JLM Christian Foundation has worked with more than 10,000 kids worldwide, delivering toys, t-shirts, clothes, food, training, and a summer camp experience in 6 countries with more added each year.  

We have trained more than 100 volunteers over the years.  With this growing group, we are able to reach those children most in need, no matter where they are, no matter what condition. In many of these places we have the processes and volunteers in place to continue the summer camps each year, guiding children with the spiritual teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ.  

Our team works alongside local community leaders in the poorest communities providing a safe, fun experience in a spiritual environment to guarantee a positive learning experience for the children.  With our camp and medical volunteers, we work to ensure that the camp experience is holistic and leaves a lasting impression on the children and the community for years to come.  

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