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News November 2022


   The mission of JLM Christian Foundation is to serve and nurture needy and neglected communities in Panama and worldwide. We provide programs built upon Biblical principles, we are able to meet educational, medical, emotional and social needs for a fulfilling and productive life. In order to meet our mission and provide outreach, we rely on the generosity of individuals for support, as we are completely privately funded and have No paid employees in the foundation. All donations are tax deductible. Your partnership with JLM Christian Foundation allows us to continue the work God has called us to do. 

JLM Christian Campus  This Foundation is dedicated to building strong communities in the poorest conditions. We are in the process of building the JLM Campus that houses the JLM Christian Academy, housing for the House of Hope students to complete college, a permanent home for Marie Clair, the Founder/teacher/missionary, and mission quarters for our volunteers. There are plans for expansion as we grow into a complete mission campus. This project is attainable with your help. We have purchased a 10 acre parcel of land in the heart of Penonomé, our permanent home!


  JLM Christian Academy The past three months have been busy since the launch of the new school building for the JLM Academy. We have 4 full time, and 1 part time teacher that has transitioned the students learning into the next gear! They are flourishing in the new environment. Violin classes, Mandarin and French are a few of the extracurricular subjects available.. Notably their English has greatly improved as they help each other during class and at play. We also renovated our spare room into a Welcome/Prayer room, where we have a quiet place to meet. Our goal is to continue adding students and growing into the next phase.


JLM House of Hope There are currently four students in House of Hope working toward their degrees in the final year stretch. We have incorporated a new program to effectively stretch the capability of reaching and supporting education in the impoverished area of Rio Hato. We are not able to supply housing beyond what we already have, until the campus housing is complete. However, we are able to support five young women with a university education from where they currently live, called The House of Hope Extension.  They are a great example in their community of what can be accomplished with dedication and support.

We also want to thank Chrisse Harwanko, a local artist that has continued to support the HOH with her Art Auction annually. This year is another success!


MC’s House Is well underway and hopefully she will have a place to call home by February. Layout design, wall building, roofing  and enclosing the existing structure were accomplished.

Top Stories Our mission team arrived from California and Florida over the National Panamanian holiday week to continue campus/school expansion planning, mission teacher training, outreach in Rio Hato and amazing fellowship between brothers and sisters in Christ. One of the highlights was participating in a very prestigious event by invitation from the Minister of Education of Panama. Schools in the district exhibit there school in a parade that covers 1.5 miles through the heart of Penonomé. At the end of the procession we stopped before the government officials grand stand as the highlights and credentials were announced by the commentator. It was an exciting way for the Academy to be recognized to the local community. 


JLM Christmas Outreach We have planned the annual  Christmas outreach this year in the heart of the Rio Hato community, where our HOH Extension students live. We are expecting 500+ children and family to attend the festivities of gifts and food.. This is the most important event of its size that we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ and His birth to this impoverished community.  We’ve been helping this area since Covid and will continue our work there. Please consider a gift of any amount.

We boldly ask for your prayers for success, support and growth. 

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