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Welcome to the Jesus Loves Me Christian Foundation (JLMCF), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating in the USA, Panama, and Haiti. Our foundation is sustained solely through the generous support of individual donations and fundraising efforts.


Our mission is to provide compassionate support to children and underserved communities, empowering them to thrive academically, spiritually, and emotionally while embracing biblically grounded values and principles. At JLMCF, we are dedicated to nurturing young minds, instilling a Christ-centered perspective, and equipping them to serve effectively and lead purposeful lives.


Founded by Marie-Claire Beauvil, affectionately known as "MC" among her friends and colleagues, JLMCF operates on a global scale, reflecting our founder's heartfelt commitment to providing children worldwide with access to quality education, a nourishing learning environment, wholesome sustenance, and guidance based on Biblical teachings. Our primary focus lies in spreading the Gospel through outreach programs and implementing enriching Jesus and Me (JAM) camps.


We have successfully established Jesus and Me (JAM) camps throughout our journey in multiple locations, including Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. Through these camps, we provide education, nutrition, essential supplies, and shelter to those in need.


The JLM Christian Academy, launched in 2019, now finds its home on our permanent 10-acre JLM Christian Campus in the heart of Penonomé, offering Pre-K through 12th-grade education. As part of the JLM Christian Foundation, the JLM Christian Academy embodies the core values of Faith, Academics, and Well-being in everything we do. It is the only school in Penonomé fully dedicated to an English curriculum, following an American school calendar. Our unique program of languages (Mandarin, French), music, and creative arts sets us apart from government and other private schools. With certified and trained teachers, we are committed to providing our students with personalized education, equipping them with the tools needed for academic success and critical thinking within a climate of high expectations. We lead by example, fostering mental, physical, and spiritual growth in an uplifting environment that nurtures each student's full potential. We firmly believe that the support of every family is crucial in empowering these young people to mature in their relationships with God and others.


Join us in this noble endeavor as we work towards building a better world, one life at a time. Your support and involvement make a tangible difference in the lives of those we touch, creating a ripple effect of lasting change for generations to come. Thank you for partnering with the Jesus Loves Me Christian Foundation to uplift and empower the next generation of leaders. Together, we aspire to ignite hope and transformation, fostering a brighter and more promising future for the vulnerable populations we serve.


Marie Claire Beauvil

President and Founder

JLM Christian Foundation-Panama

Thea Bland

Global Director-USA

William Charles Covelens, Jr. (BJ)

Mission Coordinator-Panama

Belony Joseph

Haiti-JLM President-Haiti

Panama Team

Leizy Martinez- Secrtary

Edilsa Martinez Alsonso


Penonomé, Panama  JLM Christian Campus (local)


The JLM Foundation
Main Address:
P.O. Box 975999 Fetters Mill RD
Bryan Athyn, PA 19009


114 Moredun Road

Philadelphia, PA  19115



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