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JLM Campus

Our current focus is developing the JLM Campus, A 10 acre parcel located in Penonomé, Panama. Renovations are underway to complete housing for House of Hope. The JLM Christian Academy's grand opening school year arrived with great success on August 8, 2022. Our continuing projects include a multiplex campus with the school, founder's home and the House of Hope for college students. There are plans in progress to house missionary guest, and future plan will include a multi purpose building for clinics, outreach, day camps and educational functions. We welcome groups or individuals to help with all projects underway. Please contact us!

JLM Christian Academy

JLM Christian Academy is part of JLM Christian Foundation, a 501(c3) non-profit organization founded by Marie-Claire (MC) in 2009. At JLM Christian Academy, Faith, Academics and Well-being are at the core of everything that we do. Our first school was launched in 2019 and now is at home on our permanent 10 acre JLM Chrisitian Campus in the heart of Penonomé, offering Pre-K through 12th grade. The Academy is the only school in Penonomé fully dedicated to an English curriculum led by and American school calendar. The unique program of languages, (Mandarin, French) music, and art sets us apart from government and other private schools. Our certified and trained teachers are dedicated to educating our students on a personal level to give them the tools needed to achieve academic success and think critically in a climate of high expectations. We lead by example, mentally, physically and spiritually with encouragement in an uplifting environment to attain complete potential. The support of every family is needed to empower these young people toward maturity in their relationships with God and others. Check us out on Facebook to learn more.

House of Hope

Education through the House of Hope extends into two homes located in Penonomé, Panama, one on campus and one off campus. We provide disadvantaged young women and young men access to a university education within a healthy, safe, home environment. The House of Hope teaches personal responsibility and builds self-esteem that each will carry with them for a lifetime. The students have obtained drivers licenses and passports that have allowed them to participate in missions globally. Success has been achieved with 4 university graduates, with degree. Check us out on Facebook

Build a Home

JLM in partnership with Five Stars Academy and local volunteers, participate in building small block homes for families in critical need. These projects are life transforming for the volunteers that participate and for the recipients of their new homes. We can breathe new life into a families dream for a new future. Come alongside this mission with purpose. 

JAM (Jesus and Me) Camps

JLM's primary focus is on making a difference in the lives of children most in need.  These mini camps take place throughout the year, day camps, weekend camps and week-long camps for children in Panama. We work with community leaders in each of these areas to find the best location to manage camps of sometimes as many as 500 children for a week.  ​Each camp is set up with "stations" for rotation throughout each day.  The stations are led by JLM team members and volunteers, consisting of Art, Languages, Health, Sports, Games, Drama, and Bible Study. The day includes snacks, drinks and a hot meal - something many of the kids do not receive on a daily basis in their normal lives. The goal is to share the love and compassion of Jesus to this young generation and the communities they live in. Let's MAKE A DIFFERENCE together!

Student Exchange Program 

JLM Christian Foundation has partnered with Five Stars Academy, an international American-style school to families interested in living on the Pacific beaches of Panama. Located in Santa Clara in the Cocle Province of Panama, 1.5 hours from Panama City, Five Stars Academy provides a personal, hands-on, yet highly academic program to develop well-rounded students Pre-K to Grade 12. With 120 students and more than 25 countries represented at the school, it is truly an international experience for all students and teachers.  

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